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Does Cameron want to turn Britain into Belarus?

Britain is feeling rather alone at the moment since the other 26 member states, including Hungary, are now proceeding to a new treaty on the Euro. If the Conservatives want exit from the European Union, they should spell out what status Britain would have.  Norway and Switzerland are often mentioned. They are outside the EU, they have access to the single market, but they have to observe the principles of free movement of people and workers as well as to enact EU norms in governance of the single market. Among other things this means allowing EU citizens free access to the labour markets of their countries. To benefit from the market without tariffs, Norway and Switzerland have to obey EU law on which they have no vote.

Perhaps the Conservatives want to have a weaker relationship with the EU than that which Norway and Switzerland enjoy. At this point, the model for Britain is Belarus, an impotent European country sandwiched between its powerful neighbours and which benefits from all the advantages that national sovereignty provides: low regulation, vast poverty, authoritarian control of a pliant workforce, and the death penalty.


Posted on Friday, December 9, 2011 at 05:03PM by Registered CommenterDr Giacomo Benedetto | CommentsPost a Comment

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