Giacomo Benedetto provides evidence to the Budgets Committee of the European Parliament

Today, Dr Giacomo Benedetto of the Department of Politics of International Relations (Centre for European Politics) at Royal Holloway addresses a special meeting of the Budgets Committee of the European Parliament on how to improve the budget-making capacities of the European Union. Dr Benedetto will be speaking about the budgetary relations between the European Parliament, the European Commission, national governments, national parliaments and other stakeholders. Other speakers at this event include experts from the World Bank and the European Court of Auditors, former Finance Ministers from France and Belgium, and the former President of the European Investment Bank.

Dr Benedetto’s contribution to the Budget Committee’s deliberations will draw on his recent research published in the Journal of Public Policy and a volume published by Palgrave.

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European Presidential Debate 2014: 28 April at 5.55pm in FW101

The University of Maastricht is proud to host the first televised debate in English between the rival candidates in the election for the Presidency of the European Commission. This is relayed live from Maastricht to universities throughout the European Union including Royal Holloway. It will start at 5.55pm for 6pm sharp on Monday 28 April in Founders West 101 and will last until 7.30pm. The debate takes the form of questions and answers on issues that concern young people in front of a studio audience of 900 students at Maastricht.

The candidates in Europe’s presidential election participating in the debate include:

Jean-Claude Juncker (European People’s Party:

Ska Keller (European Green Party: – including the Green Party of England and Wales)

Martin Schulz (Party of European Socialists: – including the British Labour Party)

Guy Verhofstadt (Alliance of Liberal Democrats for Europe: – including the British Liberal Democrats)

Further details of the event can be found here: 

Twitter hashtag before, during and after debate: #EUDEBATE2014 – tweet your questions or comments!

The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists ( has not selected a candidate as a matter of principle. In the interests of fairness, here is a short film to explain why:


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The European Parliamentary Elections of 2014: The Annual Debate of the Centre for European Politics


A public event open to all.

The annual debate of the Centre for European Politics, with the support of the students’ Politics and International Relations and Diplomatic Societies, Thursday 13th February 2014, 6.15-7.45pm, Main Lecture Theatre, Founders Building, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham TW20 0EX.

The elections to the European Parliament, which represents more people than any other elected parliament apart from that of India, take place in May 2014. The Centre for European Politics is delighted to host a  round-table discussion between European Parliamentary candidates from five parties on the elections and the future in the European Union of the following policies: Economics; Energy and Climate Change; Agriculture and the Budget; and Migration and Employment.

Chaired by Dr Giacomo Benedetto


The candidates include:

Caroline Allen, Green Party, London

Anneliese Dodds, Labour, South-East England

Giles Goodall, Liberal Democrats, South-East England

Daniel Hamilton, Conservatives, North-West England

Julia Reid, UKIP, South-West England

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Giacomo Benedetto on BBC Radio Scotland

Giacomo Benedetto was on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland last Friday 29thNovember at 7.09am, 1 hour and 9 minutes into the show to talk about Scottish membership of the EU.


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Julie Smith at RHUL

On 14 October 2013 Julianne Smith came to speak at Royal Holloway to students studying in the Department of Politics and International Relations. Having just left working for the US Vice President, Julie was able to offer students a first hand perspective on the major challenges facing the US and on the role of individuals in crafting American foreign policy. Spending four hours talking about foreign affairs Julie was a real sport throughout the day of discussion. We hope to welcome her back to department again in the future.

Julianne (“Julie”) Smith served as the Deputy National Security Advisor to the American Vice President from April 2012 to June 2013.  In addition to advising the Vice President on a wide range of foreign and defense policy issues, she represented him in Cabinet and Deputies level interagency meetings. Prior to her posting at the White House, she served as the Principal Director for European and NATO Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.  Prior to joining the Obama administration, Julie served as the director of the CSIS Europe Program and the Initiative for a Renewed Transatlantic Partnership, where she led the Center’s research and program activities on U.S.-European political, security, and economic relations. She has worked as a senior analyst on the European security desk of the British American Security Information Council and in Germany at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik as a Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow in 1996/97. In January 2012, she was awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service.

Julie Smith's visit was sponsored by the Centre for European Politics and the Robert Bosch Alumni Foundation.

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