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DGAP New Faces Conference 2013, Cairo

EU-Middle East Forum, Cairo

Billur Aslan, PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Relations, attended the 17th DGAP New Faces Conference (NFC) which was held between 4-7 October in Cairo. Organised by the German Council on Foreign Relations and the American University in CairoThe NFC brought together 20 young professionals from academia, politics, civil society, the media, and the corporate sector. The topic of this year was “Pluralism in Egypt and Tunisia-How the Political Opening is Changing Islamist Forces”. The group analysed Islamist movements in Egypt and Tunisia in an interdisciplinary setting, questioned how pluralism and political opening are affecting and changing them, and pinpointed concrete policy measures and priorities they are offering their respective citizens. The NFC provided us a forum to discuss these issues with like minded peers and senior experts. Billur presented a paper entitled, 'Connective Power of Islamist Parties: How does the Internet shape the activities of Islamists in Egypt?'. Billur analysed the Internet activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their impacts on the movement.

Key speakers of the conference were Khaled Hamza, Chief Editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s main website, ikhwanweb.com, and Gudrun Krämer, Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies and Director of the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies at Freie Universität Berlin.

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