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ESRC Doctoral Training Centre for the South East Politics Conference

Call for Papers

Power Revisited: Crisis and Opportunities (pdf flyer)

Arab Spring! Occupy! Euro-crisis! Austerity! Riots! New Warfare! Is this the rise of power in a new guise? Is this a time of crisis or opportunity? Recent events challenge us to reconsider the nature of power in our contemporary world. The view of power today is split. It could be said that our current situation is merely a repeat of history, and an intensification of the old battle lines. Conversely our current situation can be regarded as new, unique and pressing. How we come to understand power has a bearing on how we come to understand our future. As such, this conference aims to stimulate critical engagement and challenge our predisposed notions of power.

We invite paper proposals on any topics related to the conference theme, and would particularly welcome abstracts related to the following themes:

Conflict Analysis

International Political Economy

Military, Security and Strategic Studies

Political Communication

Political Culture and Identity

Political Protest and Social Transformation

criteria and how to apply please visit our website:

Political Theory

Deadline for Abstracts: Wednesday 19th December 2012

Submission guidelines for abstracts:

Abstracts should be between 300-350 words in a PDF or Word format and offer a concise outline of the proposed paper.

Submissions must contain the following information:

  1. Name and contact email.

  2. Institutional affiliation.

  3. Short biographical statement of 75 words or fewer.

  4. Title of paper.

  5. Abstract of between 300-350 words.

  6. Keywords.

Please send abstracts on proposed papers to the conference convenors via DTCConference2013@gmail.com 

Papers are required and should be between 3000-5000 words in length. Presentations will be 15 minutes.


Deadline for abstracts: Wednesday 19th December 2012
Notification for authors: January 2013
Deadline for papers for successful applicants: Wednesday 6th March 2013

For more information please visit http://dtcrhulpir.tumblr.com/ or contact the conference convenors DTCConference2013@gmail.com

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