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CEP Researchers presenting at APSA 2013

A number of CEP researchers are presenting papers at this year's American Political Science Assocation Annual Meeting in Chicago.

They include:

Tom Dyson - Germany and CSDP: An Emergent Leader 

Alister Miskimmon - 'A Strategic Narrative of Integration? - The case of the Euro Crisis'.

Lukas Molthof - 'The 'Reluctant Hegemon'? Understanding German Power in the European Union after the Euro crisis'.

James Sloam - APSA Working Group on Young People’s Politics.

Cristian Vaccari - 'An ever-more unequal playing field? Congressional Candidates' Visibility across Earned, Paid, and Digital Media'

Profs Andrew Chadwick and Ben O'loughlin from the Department of Politics and International Relations are also attending. 

Andrew Chadwick - 'Hybrid Media Logics in Political Communication' and speaking on a roundtable on the Politics of Information.

Ben O'Loughlin - 'Measuring persuasion: the life of strategic narrative evaluation models'.


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