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International Studies Association Book Prize Announcement

CEP co-director Dr Alister Miskimmon and Professor Ben O’Loughlin from the Department of Politics and International Relations have been awarded a prestigious book prize at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


 Their book, co-written with Professor Laura Roselle, Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order has been judged the best book in International Communication by the International Studies Association, the main global forum for scholarship in International Relations. They were awarded the prize at the Association’s annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia with over 5,000 delegates in attendance.

The book outlines an ambitious research agenda: to define and develop a more robust perspective on the foundations of world order. In making the award the book prize committee noted that the book was beautifully written and carefully researched with powerful, cross-disciplinary arguments. The prize committee said that the book will serve as a foundation that informs and impacts the next generation of political communication and international relations scholarship and practice.

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