Just Published: European Union Budget Reform

European Union Budget Reform: Institutions, Policy and Economic Crisis, edited by Giacomo Benedetto of the Centre for European Politics and Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway and by Simona Milio of the London School of Economics, has just been published.

Read more about it on CEP blog.

Copies can be ordered from Palgrave-Macmillan.


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ESRC Doctoral Training Centre for the South East Politics Conference

Call for Papers

Power Revisited: Crisis and Opportunities (pdf flyer)

Arab Spring! Occupy! Euro-crisis! Austerity! Riots! New Warfare! Is this the rise of power in a new guise? Is this a time of crisis or opportunity? Recent events challenge us to reconsider the nature of power in our contemporary world. The view of power today is split. It could be said that our current situation is merely a repeat of history, and an intensification of the old battle lines. Conversely our current situation can be regarded as new, unique and pressing. How we come to understand power has a bearing on how we come to understand our future. As such, this conference aims to stimulate critical engagement and challenge our predisposed notions of power.

We invite paper proposals on any topics related to the conference theme, and would particularly welcome abstracts related to the following themes:

Conflict Analysis

International Political Economy

Military, Security and Strategic Studies

Political Communication

Political Culture and Identity

Political Protest and Social Transformation

criteria and how to apply please visit our website:

Political Theory

Deadline for Abstracts: Wednesday 19th December 2012

Submission guidelines for abstracts:

Abstracts should be between 300-350 words in a PDF or Word format and offer a concise outline of the proposed paper.

Submissions must contain the following information:

  1. Name and contact email.

  2. Institutional affiliation.

  3. Short biographical statement of 75 words or fewer.

  4. Title of paper.

  5. Abstract of between 300-350 words.

  6. Keywords.

Please send abstracts on proposed papers to the conference convenors via 

Papers are required and should be between 3000-5000 words in length. Presentations will be 15 minutes.


Deadline for abstracts: Wednesday 19th December 2012
Notification for authors: January 2013
Deadline for papers for successful applicants: Wednesday 6th March 2013

For more information please visit or contact the conference convenors

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DGAP New Faces Conference 2013, Cairo

EU-Middle East Forum, Cairo

Billur Aslan, PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Relations, attended the 17th DGAP New Faces Conference (NFC) which was held between 4-7 October in Cairo. Organised by the German Council on Foreign Relations and the American University in CairoThe NFC brought together 20 young professionals from academia, politics, civil society, the media, and the corporate sector. The topic of this year was “Pluralism in Egypt and Tunisia-How the Political Opening is Changing Islamist Forces”. The group analysed Islamist movements in Egypt and Tunisia in an interdisciplinary setting, questioned how pluralism and political opening are affecting and changing them, and pinpointed concrete policy measures and priorities they are offering their respective citizens. The NFC provided us a forum to discuss these issues with like minded peers and senior experts. Billur presented a paper entitled, 'Connective Power of Islamist Parties: How does the Internet shape the activities of Islamists in Egypt?'. Billur analysed the Internet activities of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their impacts on the movement.

Key speakers of the conference were Khaled Hamza, Chief Editor of the Muslim Brotherhood’s main website,, and Gudrun Krämer, Director of the Institute of Islamic Studies and Director of the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies at Freie Universität Berlin.

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ESRC PhD Funding at Royal Holloway in Politics and International Relations

As part of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre we are pleased to welcome scholarship applications from well-qualified applicants. The ESRC DTC is in partnership with the universities of Kent, Reading and Surrey. Further details of the ESRC DTC South East can be found here. The ESRC DTC has a total of 24 fully funded PhD scholarships available.

The deadline for applications for ESRC funding is 4pm Friday February 22nd 2013. In order to apply for ESRC funding you must be eligible for an award and be accepted on to the PhD programme in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Full details on ESRC PhD funding can be found here.

Applications and Admissions

Applications from students who wish to be considered for ESRC funding should be made directly to the Department of Politics and International Relations. The Department welcomes applications from highly qualified and motivated candidates. The application process for our postgraduate research programmes is an interactive one. We place great emphasis on matching prospective students to supervisors’ interests, building on our existing research activities. We are particularly keen to encourage applications in areas related to our four research units - Centre for European Politics; the New Political Communications Unit; the Centre for Global and Transnational Studies and the Political Theory Reading Group.

Interested potential applicants should first refer to our website to obtain a good idea of the department's research foci: click here. The Department is only able to consider applications in research areas of interest to its full-time academic staff. Research interests of Centre for European Politics staff can be found here.

In the first instance, potential applicants should prepare a research proposal, outlining the project that they will undertake if accepted onto the PhD programme.  This should be at least 8-10 pages long and should include the key research questions, hypothesis, proposed methodology and a bibliography. Email this research proposal, along with a cv, to the Director of Graduate Study, Dr Alister Miskimmon (until 14/12/12) or Dr Evelyn Goh who will take over as Director of Graduate Studies on 1st January 2013.

If the proposal is met with interest by a potential supervisor, the Director of Graduate Study will invite the potential applicant to discuss their proposal further via email. UK-based applicants may be invited to visit the Department. Promising potential applicants will then be advised to apply formally for a place on our PhD programme. Candidates shortlisted for the PhD programme will be interviewed.

Potential applicants may contact the Director of Graduate Study with proposals at any stage of the academic year. We will also have a range of Royal Holloway scholarships which will be awarded on a competitve basis to well-qualified candidates.

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European Union wins the Nobel Peace Prize

News just out. Read more from the CEP blog here.


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