New Voice, Less Equal: The Civic and Political Engagement of Young People in the United States and Europe 

New Article in top US journal Comparative Political Studies by James Sloam

Declining youth participation in conventional forms of politics has become a central theme for academics and policy makers and has often been viewed as marking a crisis in citizenship. Yet there is overwhelming evidence to show that young people are not apathetic. They have their own views and engage in “politics” (more broadly understood) in a wide variety of ways that have relevance to their everyday lives. The following article compares and contrasts the civic and political engagement of young people both within and among the United States, Britain, and Germany. The core arguments are that the forms of engagement practiced by young people are heavily structured in favor of highly educated and well-off citizens and that young people as a group have increasingly been marginalized from electoral politics. However, the different experiences across the three countries give scholars a clearer idea of how these problems might be overcome.

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2012 Autumn Seminar Programme in Dept of Politics and International Relations

Department of Politics and IR Seminar

Autumn 2012 Programme

All seminars will be held in FW101 at 5.15 pm unless otherwise notified.

2 October                        Nicholas Allen (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Reshuffles in British government: reflections on recent changes’

9 October                        Greg Claeys (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Mill on liberty’

16 October                        Luis Lobo-Guerrero (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Insuring sovereignty’

23 October                        Peter Oborne (Daily Telegraph)

‘Politics and cricket in Pakistan’

30 October                         Christina Hellmich (University of Reading)

‘Whither al-Qaeda? The future of the Islamist threat’

13 November            Michelle Bentley (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Election 2012: The War on Terror and foreign policy challenges’

20 November            James Sloam (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘“Democratic Deficit” or “Democratic Phoenix”? The participation of young people in British democracy’

27 November            Gerry Stoker (University of Southampton)

‘Folk theories of democracy’

4 December                        Jeremy Jennings (Queen Mary, University of London)

‘Travels with Alexis de Tocqueville’

11 December            Doerthe Rosenow (Royal Holloway, University of London)

‘Occupy Wall Street and political resistance in the 21st century’

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EU Budget Working Papers

The papers given at the workshop on the UK and the Multiannual Financial Framework of the EU (2014-2020) are available here. The workshop was co-hosted and co-financed by the European Commission and the Centre for European Politics at Royal Holloway's base in central London located at 2 Gower Street on Friday 16 March 2012.

1. The Multiannual Financial Framework, Lisbon Treaty and the United Kingdom (Giacomo Benedetto, Centre for European Politics, Royal Holloway, University of London)

2. A Budget for Europe 2020 - the Commission Perspective on the EU Budget 2014-2020 and the UK - powerpoint slide (Stefan Lehner, Director, DG Budgets, European Commission)

3. The British Coalition Government and the European Budget (Brendan Donnelly, Federal Trust)

4. The New Budget and the British Rebate (Robert Ackrill, Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University)

5. Britain and the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013 (Alan Greer, University of the West of England, Bristol)

6. Cohesion Policy in the UK after 2013 (Simona Milio, London School of Economics)




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EU Budget Workshop Podcast

The Centre for European Politics organised an European Commission-funded workshop on the UK and the EU budget. The Audio of the workshop will be included below shortly. Please click on participant names for audio.

Workshop programme:

Session 1
Dr Giacomo Benedetto (Centre for European Politics, Royal Holloway, University of London): the Multiannual Financial Framework and the Lisbon Treaty;
Stefan Lehner (Director, DG Budgets, European Commission): the Commission perspective on the EU budget 2014-2020 and the UK;
Brendan Donnelly, Federal Trust: the Multiannual Financial Framework and the British negotiating position
Session 2
Professor Robert Ackrill (Nottingham Business School): The new budget and the British rebate
Dr Alan Greer (University of the West of England, Bristol): The Common Agricultural in the UK after 2013 Dr Simona Milio (London School of Economics): Cohesion policy in the UK after 2013



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Giacomo Benedetto in the Guardian

Dr Giacomo Benedetto was cited in today's Guardian newspaper in an article on parliamentary rebellions.

For the article, please click here.

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