Dr Giacomo Benedetto is Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Budget Policy. His main research area are the politics of the European Union's budget. He also has interests in the European Parliament and in Europe-wide party politics. Giacomo has published research on the European Parliament, British Parliament, the Constitutional and Budgetary politics of the EU and on Euroscepticism in the Journal of European Public Policy, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, Review of International Organizations, Party Politics, and the Journal of Public Policy. Giacomo has provided advice on the EU Budget and on its sources of revenue to the Budgets Committee of the European Parliament and to the European Union's High Level Group on Own Resources. Giacomo tweets at @ggbenedetto

Dr Alister Miskimmon is Reader in European Politics and International Relations and was Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations at Rolloway 2013-2016. His research interests are in the fields of Strategic Narratives, German foreign policy, as well as wider European and global security issues. He has published a number of books including Strategic Narratives: Communication Power and the New World Order with Ben O'Loughlin and Laura Roselle which won the International Studies Association 2016 Best Book Award in International Communication. His next book with Ben and Laura will be published in early 2017 by the University of Michigan Press and is entitled Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations. He is currently working on three funded research projects. The first is as part of a EU-funded Jean Monnet Network researching crisis narratives in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine. This is a 3-year project led up by Prof Natalia Chaban and Prof Martin Holland at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand with colleagues from The National Institute for Strategic Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine; Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel; TU Darmstadt, Germany; Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), Lithuania; KU Leuven, Belgium. The second project is funded by the Noble Foundation focsuing on Polish and UK defence policy after NATO's Warsaw summit of 2016. This is a two-year project involving a team based at Royal Holloway, and a team based at Collegium Civitas, Warsaw. The third project is with the Charles University Prague, exploring new theoretical approaches to the study of German foreign and security policy. Alister tweets at @amiskimmon

Dr James Sloam is Reader in Politics and International Relations and currently Director of European Studies at Royal Holloway. His research interests in European politics are: Youth Participation in Democracy/ Civic Education, Political parties/ European Social Democracy, Germany Politics. James Sloam joined the Politics and International Relations Department at Royal Holloway in September 2005. He was previously a lecturer in European Studies at King's College, London and an honorary research fellow at the European Research Institute, University of Birmingham, where he co-ordinated projects on policy transfer in East Central Europe and Youth Participation in democracy. James has published widely in the fields of young people's politics, German politics, political parties, and citizenship Education. His most recent articles - published in Comparative Political Studies, West European Politics and Parliamentary Affairs, examine the civic and political engagement of young people in the United States and Europe. James tweets at @James_Sloam



Dr Nicholas Allen is Reader in Politics. He completed his doctorate at the University of Essex in January 2008 and has held teaching positions at the University of Essex and University College London. His research interests include the British prime ministership, parliamentary misconduct, public attitudes towards political ethics and the changing British constitution.


Emeritus Professor Gavin Drewry is a political scientist specialising in public administration and public sector reform, with special reference to the UK civil service. He has a particular interest in the relationships between law, politics and administration and has written extensively on the functions and management of legal institutions, on the legislative process and on mechanisms of legal and parliamentary accountability, including judicial review and ombudsman systems. He has just completed a major study of the Court of Appeal in England and Wales, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, and is also writing a book on the politics of capital punishment. He is an active member of the Administrative History Study Group of the International Institute of Administrative Science, and is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the IIAS. From 1999 to 2005 he was co-convenor of a study group of the European Group for Public Administration on ‘contractualisation in the public sector’. Gavin retired in September 2009.


Dr Tom Dyson was appointed Lecturer in Politics and International Relations in September 2012. He was previously employed as a Lecturer in International Security and Defence at the School of Politics, University of Surrey (2006-12). Between 2009-11, Dr Dyson was an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow based at the Chair of German and European Politics at Potsdam University and the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, Germany. Dr Dyson’s research interests lie in European defence and security and British, French and German defence policy. Dr. Dyson is the author of The Politics of German Defence and Security (Berghahn, 2007);Neoclassical Realism and Defence Reform in post-Cold War Europe (Palgrave, 2010) andEuropean Defence Cooperation in EU Law and IR Theory (forthcoming, Palgrave, 2013, with Dr Theodore Konstadinides). He has also published articles in the British Journal of Politics and International RelationsContemporary British HistoryContemporary Security PolicyDefence StudiesEuropean SecurityGerman Politics and Security Studies.


Dr Oliver Heath is a Reader in Politics. His research interests include democratisation, political stability and electoral realignment in second wave democracies; political participation and electoral behaviour in Britain; and research methods.


Chris Rumford was Professor of Political Sociology in the Department of Politics and International Relations. His main research areas within the field of European politics are Turkey/EU relations; cosmopolitanism; borders; and theories of contemporary social and political transformation. Dr Chris Rumford arrived at Royal Holloway on 1 September 2003 following a period as Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Istanbul Kultur University, and Visiting Fellow, City University, London. Chris has held a variety of positions including Senior Researcher at the Economic Development Foundation in Istanbul (IKV), and British Studies Consultant at the British Council. Chris sadly passed away in the summer of 2016. His is greatly missed.


Nathan Widder is Professor of Political Theory. He joined the Department in 2006, having previously taught at the University of Exeter and the London School of Economics. He has degrees from the Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.), LSE, and the University of Essex. His teaching and research covers the history of Western political thought and philosophy, contemporary Continental philosophy, and feminist political theory. His work focuses on questions of difference, pluralism, power, identity, and knowledge, and he has drawn on ideas in contemporary thought in order to stage a re-engagement with both central and marginal figures in ancient, early Christian, and medieval philosophy. Dr. Widder has published articles in prominent journals, including Angelaki, Continental Philosophy Review, Contemporary Political Theory, European Journal of Political Theory, History of Political Thought, Parallax, and Theory & Event. He has also produced a major study, Genealogies of Difference (University of Illinois Press, 2002) and is currently working on a manuscript for a second book entitled Reflections on Time and Politics.





Didem Buhari-Gülmez holds a BSc degree in International Relations at the Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and MSc degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK). As a Jean Monnet scholar, she studied in the Paris Institute for International and Strategic Relations (France) for one year, and holds Diplome Prive d’Etudes Superieures. She worked as a parliamentary advisor in the Turkish Parliament and as a research assistant at Istanbul Ticaret University (Turkey). She is currently a PhD candidate in Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway University of London under the supervision of Dr. Chris Rumford. She is mainly interested in the Stanford School on Sociological Institutionalism, the relations between Turkey and the European Union covering a wide array of policy areas including foreigners’ rights to work, reside and own land in Turkey as well as freedom of expression, secularism, and ombudsmanship. She conducts research in Turkish (native), English, and French. Didem successfully defended her thesis at Royal Holloway and is now an Early Career Research Fellow at in European Union politics at Oxford Brookes Univeristy.


Dr Isabelle Hertner joined the department in September 2007. She wrote her PhD on the Europeanisation of political parties, in which she identified the ways in which EU governance and policies impact on political parties in general and social democratic parties in particular. Before coming to Royal Holloway, Isabelle worked for a German NGO in Brussels and for the Department of European and International Affairs of the government of Hessen ( Germany ). Isabelle holds a Master’s degree in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges ( Belgium ). Isabelle graduated from Royal Holloway in 2013 and is currently Lecturer in German and European Politics and Society and Deputy Deirector of the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham.


Dr. Joanna Kaminska works for the Committee on Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament. Between 2010 and 2012 she worked at the Secretariat General of the European Commission, where she was responsible for the evaluation of the EU policies in the area of external relations. She joined the IES as a Senior Research Associate in 2011 focusing her work on the EU’s external policies in particular EU relations with the Eastern neighbours, as well as the Europeanisation of the foreign policies of the new EU member states. Joanna holds a PhD from the Royal Holloway, University of London, where she was a British Council Chevening Scholar. She was also a visiting scholar at the Centre of International Studies (CIS) at the University of Cambridge and teaching assistant at the Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London.


Albena Kuyumdzhieva joined the department in September 2008. She is writing her PhD on the Anticorruption policies of the European Union. Her aim is to identify the impact of the fifth enlargement on the anticorruption policies of the Union and to examine the drivers behind their adoption and implementation. Albena has served as a Chief of Unit for Combating Corruption in the Bulgarian Anticorruption Commission, Council of Ministers and as a Head of offices of a Member of the European Parliament. Albena is a lecturer in the Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration providing training in anticorruption and good governance to civil servants and magistrates. She holds master degrees in Law and Finances and has been visiting student at the University of Oxford and London School of Economics and Political Science.


Dr Ana-Iuliana Postu joined the department in September 2008. She has completed her PhD on the committee system of the European Parliament under the supervision of Dr Giacomo Benedetto. Before coming to Royal Holloway, Ana-Iuliana worked for Europe Direct, an external service of the European Commission, and in the European Parliament on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. Ana-Iuliana now works in the secretariat that manages the plenary meetings of the European Parliament.


Dr Luis Simon holds an MA in European Studies from the IEP Paris/University of Bath (Euromasters) and a BA in International Relations from the London Metropolitan University. Luis is a fellow on the European Foreign and Security Policy Studies Programme of the Compagnia di San Paolo - Riksbankens Jubileumsfond - VolkswagenStiftung. His research interests include the politics of the European Union, the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, Transatlantic Relations, International Relations Theory, and French, British and German Foreign and Security Policy. In the past, Luis has worked on Franco British security policy co-operation in the framework of the European Security and Defence Policy. Luis completed a PhD dissertation on Franco-British-German views of the EU and NATO. Luis is now Research Professor at the Institute for European Studies in Brussels and has published widely on geopolitics and security.


Dr Hasan Turunc holds an MA in The Politics of Democracy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education and a PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London. Hasan has been working in the Department as a Tutor since 2004, tutoring various courses including introduction to IR and IR Theories. He also held a Part-time Lecturer position at Richmond - The American International University in London. Hasan's article on "AKP's search for Identity in Turkish Politics" has been published by the Vol 14 no 2. August 2006. He also has written a book review of "The Kurds in Turkey: EU accession and human rights by Kerim Yildiz, published by Pluto Press, 2006" that has been published by Chatham House, , volume 82, Number 6, November 2006. Hasan has presented at several conferences including UACES Student forum 6th Annual Conference, Oxford University, 2005; First Global International Studies Conference, Istanbul 2005. Hasan completed a PhD dissertation on "The impact of the European Union on the process of democratisation in Turkey".


Pepijn van Houwelingen holds a BSc in Public Administration, an MSc in International Relations and an MA in Philosophy, all from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). His MSc dissertation investigated the Palestinian refugee problem in the Middle East, with a particular focus on the tension between international and regional actors and their inability to come to a solution. Pepijn undertook fieldwork for his dissertation in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. His MA dissertation focused on a similar topic – international law vs. power politics – in the light of the political theories of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Pepijn has a wide range of research interests, most importantly European and global politics, international security and conditions of war and peace. His PhD thesis focused on the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Mediterranean region.